Faculty Resources


Survey of Earned Doctorates
AAUP Policies and Procedures/Affirmative Action
Questions to Ask to Help Create a Diverse Applicant Pool

University of Wisconsin Guide for Faculty Searches
University of Washington Best Practices
Harvard University Best Practices for Conducting Faculty Searches
Columbia University Best Practices for Faculty Search and Hiring
Northwestern- Faculty Resources on Unconscious Bias
Carnegie Mellon Faculty Recruitment

Rubrics and Guides
Rutgers Diversity Statement Rubric
Cornell Diversity Statement Rubric
UC Irvine Diversity Statement Rubric
University of Washington Assessments
MIT Statement of Purpose Guidelines
Yale Statement of Purpose Guide
Admissions Rubric Sample

Fisk-Vanderbilt Master's to PhD Bridge Program table of non-cognitive attributes and rubric for assessment
Questions to guide assessment of noncognitive variables (Sedlacek, 2011)
Sample application review rubric with weighted components (ETS, 2018)

    Reviewing Applicants: Research on Bias and Assumptions (brochure from U. Wisconsin ADVANCE)